Thursday, 14 January 2010

What do you do with yours?

Being a shopaholic isn't all fun and frolics believe me! (well, if I'm honest it is, but for the purposes of this post it isn't - get me?) It can mean you very quickly become the proud owner of a total mish mash of jewellery boxes with excess 'stuff'.

But, my totally fabulous mum found this great storage solution for me from Kleeneze. Good 'ole girl.

It's actually meant for the garden shed! but doubles up as a great over-the-door jewellery tidy.

I can
see everything at a glance which makes life much easier.

When I sorted out my jewellery I was a little concerned to see how quickly it filled up, in fact there wasn't room for my bangles, but then I remembered, I do have a shopping disease, and 'too much stuff' comes with the territory I'm afraid. This system means that I do have to have a 'cull' every so often.

Does anyone have any other ways of storing their jewellery, other than the standard jewellery boxes. I'd love to hear.

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ps. For the Mary Poppins fans... Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious doesn't come up in my spell check, however, if you say it loud enough, it ALWAYS sounds precocious. It just does.


Anonymous said...

I need one of these! I have so many accessories that I have no idea what I have or where to put them. Great idea, thank you!

Much love,

Glitter and Love said...

I have a long metal pole with hooks attached ( i think its a jacket rack) on my wall which hangs necklaces which works well.

The best thing I have though is this..

you can fit all your earrings on it (stud earring or dangly ones) and can sit it out open to look pretty or fold it up so it can be stored somewhere with not much room!

Lisa xx

Glitter and Love said...

That site above is a US site I just realised, I didnt get it from there lol I got it from a UK site, just searched.. foldable earring holder :)

Leah said...

I'm using something like your organizer too. And I have small baskets for my bangles.

daisychain said...

I use a pink glass cake stand (from paperchase) and a hot pink acrylic flower arrangement jewellery stand from house of fraser for my stash :)

Struggler said...

Nice organiser!
I have mine pinned on a bulletin board, but that only works because I have a more limited collection of baubles!

Claire xx said...

Great idea!
Claire xx