Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Biker floral this spring...

I love the styling on this outfit, all from New Look. The Biker Jacket is currently reduced to £25, the dress is also £25.

I will definitely be toughening up my floral dresses with a bad ass leather biker jacket this year.

TOP TIP! Such a small detail
, but I think the way they have styled this shot, with the sleeves of the jacket pushed up a bit, is brilliant. Straight out of the Gok Wan book of style (he does this A LOT when he styles outfits). It adds an instant stylish boost and gives a more edgy look to any outfit.

Try it now on your jackets, blazers work best, but long sleeve shirts and jumpers are great too. Honestly, if you don't already do this, go try it now!

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Eleanor said...

i *always* roll my leather jacket sleeves up, things always look more you when you've adapted them a bit!

that dress is great!

The Brunette said...

I love that dress and I noticed that outfit before on their website and love it xx

SR@MyStyle said...

I adore this look too, I will definitely be rolling up this summer!!

daisychain said...

I saw that dress in store, it is gorgeous.

Nora Johnson said...

Great dress & outfit - do miss all the choice of the British High St!


PS Don't know if you caught link to your site in my previous post!!

Miiicha said...

Love the jacket !

|| M