Thursday, 17 December 2009

Facebook pic of the day...

Sharing my facebook pic of the day.

My children make me lol every day, especially when we go shopping and they insist on wearing 3d glasses.

And thank you for all your tips re. the navy top yesterday. Thanks to you guys, I think it's a keeper. I'm on it. x

In Tesco's tonight, I bought a couple of things. The shop assistant kindly decided to give me and the other shoppers in the queue a running commentary on my purchases:

"Wow, great dress... I'd like one of those" (I agreed politely)
"Oh, you found a matching belt" (yep, amazing I know)
"And a cardigan, so if it gets cold you can pop that on" (yep, getting bored now love)
"Eye drops, always a good idea on a heavy night out" (yada yada yada)
"Nibbles... good idea to take along to the party" (whatever)

As the panty liners moved up the conveyor belt, I tried to make eye contact with her, willing her to SHUT UP. How was she going to factor that into my 'imagined' evening out?

Thankfully to save my blushes and the others behind me in the queue, she didn't even try.

8 sleeps. Woo hoo.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A little help here please...

When I was out tonight, I came across this little top in the sale in Sainsburys. It was half price at £8 so I snapped it up.

I've been going against every rule of shopping lately, complete impulse purchases, and cheapy ones at that. This one caught my eye because of the pretty embroidery.

Now it's at home with me safe and sound though, I've noticed a slight problem. It's navy blue. Navy is not one of my colours. I don't own anything else navy or from that colour family (unless you count dark blue denim).

So now I'm completely stuck as to what to wear this with. What goes with navy? Do you have any ideas how I can style this? I'd be grateful for any advice, otherwise it may be doomed and be given back to the shop and boy do I hate doing that. :-(

Only 9 sleeps to go!!!!! And I'm about to go have one of those right now.

Total spent today: £8.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

Whilst we were having dinner tonight, there was a knock at the door.

"Is that singing" my other half said. And by jove it was, as we discovered when all 4 of us went to open the door (which is probably slightly weird if you are the 'knocker' – 4 people answering the door may seem a bit OTT).

Blimmin' carol singers! I'd heard that
carol singers existed, but often wondered if they were just an urban myth.

They sent the 'cute' little ones to the front, all wide-eyed and bushy tailed. (well without the tails, although we do live in a small village, and I've seen stranger sights), I think Joe thought his entire toddler group had turned up on his doorstep just to sing to him, he did look puzzled.
All the accompanying adults stood further back (in the darkness so their faces could be concealed). Mystery Carol Singers.

One child explained they were collecting for charity. So being the festive season and all that... I sent them packing without a penny! Interrupting my dinner indeedy, that'll teach 'em.

What? well if I'd given them a donation, I wouldn't have been able to purchase this winter floral top from Matalan, £8.

In other good news... Only 10 sleeps to go!!!!!

Total spent today: £8.

ps. To avoid any complaints, just to confirm, I am of course only joking... I let them sing a couple of songs first... and then I sent them packing!

Monday, 14 December 2009

The Kamakaze Assault Course

In some respects I guess I am lucky that I work from home, literally from my back garden. (Well, not quite literally, I'm not a hobbit after all... sitting in the depths of the undergrowth, I should say it is actually an office within in my garden.)

My walk home from work is approximately 15 steps. Which may sound pretty cool given some people's commutes, but let me tell you... with the nights drawing in so early, those 15 steps are filled with terror and peril every evening. I call it 'The Kamakaze Assault Course'.

First up, we have the treacherous clothes washing line (still lying on the floor
from summer), one false move and it's wrapped round your legs quicker than Tiger Woods in a Las Vegas motel room.

Next, comes the childs scooter, a simple, ye olde kids scooter by day, but turns into a 4 wheeled, vicious, danger machine at night in the pitch black.

If you've made it that far, the next obstacle is the 'Slide of Death'. So called as it has nearly killed me on several occasions. It may only be a 2ft high kids slide, but it's camoflage skills are respected by most of the military personnel in the country, being a perfect match for the night sky.

Finally, right by the back door are the 'Jeopardy Pots', if your foot goes in one, you are a gonna... with a capital G.

To make my journey even more exciting, I like to do it in 4 inch heels like the red platform ones above, not for the faint hearted I can tell ya! The amount of expletives coming from my garden every evening, quite honestly needs a Parental Advisory Warning.

I made it home unscathed, and nothing much new to show you in my outfit today, other than this oversized brown belt I found in Primark for £2.91 and Black Roll Neck Top, also £2.91 from Primark. I have a love/hate relationship with Primark, today it's lurve...

Here's hoping your journey home is a safer one.

Total spent today: £6 or just under, cba to do the maths.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

3 facts about Elves... you never really wanted to know, but do now...

At this time of year, I know everyone starts to ask themselves... I wonder what the top 3 FACTS about elves are?

What?, you haven't asked yourself that? Really? Just me then. Well nevermind, you're getting them anyway...

Interesting Elf Fact No. 1:
One of the best Christmas films ever made is 'ELF'
(taken from the 'Shopaholic poll for best Christmas films ever made' survey). We watched it tonight for possibly the 517th time
. I can't believe this film was released in 2003, my how time flies... when you're watching Elf. Fact.

Interesting Elf Fact No. 2:
If you've never done this before, then it is well worth frittering away 5 minutes of your time... check out elfyourself. It still makes me nearly wet myself every time! Fact.

Interesting Elf Fact No. 3:
This years lack of rainbows has been put down to ELVES getting access to acording to leprechan and goblin monthly. (Okay, can't claim that one for myself, taken from comedian Ross Noble's twitter status!) Debatable Fact.

I know, bet you feel better now.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Sweet Smell of... Christmas

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without all the glorious festive smells. And there aren't many whiffy things better than Yankee Candles.

Today, my daughter and I chose two Christmas scented Yankee Candles, 'Mulled Wine' and 'Christmas Eve' purchased from 'Buy the Light' in Bury St Edmunds.

It maybe cold outside, but indoors it is like a mini santa's grotto. We've just baked cookies and one of the candles is making the house smell super Christmassy, spicy cinnamon... lovely.

If you are stuck for a gift idea for a sister, mum or grandmother, I highly recommend a Yankee Candle. The jar ones last forever. A Yankee Candle is not just for Christmas after all!

In other good news, 6-1 chance of a white Christmas this year in the UK...!

What Yankee Candle 'flavour' would you recommend?

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

Today, we bought our Christmas Tree.

Every year we go to a lovely place near our home to buy our tree, Blackthorpe Barn in Rougham. There is a massive selection of trees, a delightful decorations shop, cafe, arts and crafts stalls... it is quite frankly, Christmas heaven.

J likes to get heavily involved in the Christmas Tree selection. It's his thing. And his number 1 criteria? – it has to be BIG. (well, you know what they say about men and their Christmas Trees... No?… that's probably cos I just made that up).

I'm the most organised I've ever been so far this Christmas, not complete, but organised, which is a bonus for me. I hope your Christmas prep is going well...

Total spent today: eek! (I'm closing my eyes) Tree £42.99, Door Wreath £12.99, other bits and pieces (cos obviously I can't leave a shop with just two items, even if they are bigger than my car) £20.00(ish)...

ps. Just noticed something important is missing off our tree... the STAR! A tree without a star is like... Victoria without David... soz, I meant to say Mary without Joseph.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Party dresses...

One of my absolute most successful traits, is being able to make a complete fool out of myself on a daily basis.

At a posh party the other night, I was hovering around outside... alone... in full ballgown attire, when two girls walked towards the building. I couldn't quite see their faces as it was dark, but one of them loudly said "HELLO...?"

Oh, I must know them I thought to myself, (well, they are arriving at the same party).
"HIYA" I shouted back in my cheeriest manner...

I didn't know them. As they drew nearer the girl continued her conversion... ON HER MOBILE PHONE TO SOMEONE ELSE... Man!!!! I DIE... they had to walk right past me, they looked embarrassed... for me.

I popped to Tesco after work today for some wrapping paper. Didn't find any I liked, but this zebra dress did sneak it's way into my basket... naughty dress.

All party dresses were half price, making this dress just £9!! I don't know if I'm abnormal (well, don't answer that actually, I clearly am) but, I wouldn't even say this is an out and out party dress, I would be quite happy wearing this in the daytime with a hot pink cardi and matching shoes...

I've just looked on the Tesco website and they have tons of stuff half price, it is well worth a look, dresses, coats, boyfriend cardigans... AND that little leather bomber jacket that's been "on my radar" for some time now is half price at £14!!! SOLD!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Please wash your hands...

A strange thing just happened.

I noticed a brown mark on my hand, and for some reason, instinctively licked it. (That maybe the mum in me, yes I have started washing my son's face with my own saliva when needs must).

As soon as I licked my hand though, my mind flashed back over the last couple of minutes. I had made a coffee and... eugh, emptied my sons potty... eugh 50/50 chance.

I think you know where this is headed so nuff said, suffice to say, the lesson for today is... "Always smell BEFORE licking".

Today, I wore a stripey top I bought last week from Tesco, Bury St Edmunds. It was a complete bargain, with a starting price of £8 but with 20% off, so made it like... um... a bit less than £8... (whut? it's been a long day, my brain is offline).

Whilst you may be thinking, not bad love, but it is only a simple black and white long sleeved T... well let me tell you, there are tricks galore with this top:

1. It has removable shoulder pads! wowza! so it's perfect for a Dynasty Reunion Party... (if there is such a thing?)

2. PLUS! a large silver zip right down the back... I discovered that in cold weather, the zip does get very cold indeed. Several bouts of involuntary 'squealing like a girl' later and I had to give in and pop a vest top underneath. My colleagues already think I'm mental, random squealing wasn't helping my cause.

Monday, 30 November 2009

An ode to the hot pink mama shoes...

Dear Hot Pink Mama Shoes,

You know I love you. I loved you the moment I saw you, I just knew you had to be mine.

So why do you keep insisting on embarrassing me whenever I wear you?

Take the other day for example, minding my own business, tottering around on you out shopping together, when you gave way and sent me tumbling (not for the first time)...

And then the other evening when I took you for a night out with the girls, most shoes would have been grateful for an outing like that, not you, no, not you, as soon as we entered the slightly rough pub in Bury St Edmunds Town Centre (yeah, I hang out in all the classiest places me) you tipped me over, I landed on my knees at the bar. People were laughing Shoes... did you not see? All I could do was tell them "I always come in here like that". I defended you, I blamed the hidden step. I could tell you blamed the couple of shandies I'd had in the previous pub.

Whilst you know I don't like to have favourites, put it this way, if the house was burning down, I would potentially grab you (oh, and one of the kids if I had room in my arms), so I think the least you could do is show me a little love back.

You are making me consider the perils that lay before me if I even dare to venture out with you. And that's not good for either of us.

So, give me a break shoes, let's get back to the old love we once shared and I will cherish you forever more.

Yours 'hoping to stay upright a bit more',

Friday, 27 November 2009


A serious case of 'bloggers block' has struck me recently, but I'm getting over it and am just about ready to start blogging again.

Besides, I have a serious backlog of shopping to share with you guys.

So I am sorry for the absence, I hope you will all join me again in the next few days when I return to the blogging world.

Just wondered... does anyone else suffer from blogger breakdown? And how do you deal with it?

Monday, 2 November 2009

And the WINNER is…

And the winner of the great big sweetie giveaway II is...

Using a random number generator, it selected number 41 which equals a winner!

Who is...

Drum roll please...


Congrats Shoegal (please email me your address), hope you enjoy these little babies! Sorry everyone else but thanks for all the entries, next time eh?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

London Zoo made us ill...

Contrary to popular belief, this skirt wasn't from the kids range but funnily enough is much smaller than the kids one I bought yesterday. This one though was just £3 from Matalan, Bury St Edmunds.

The picture probably doesn't show it well, but it has a purple and black houndstooth pattern.

My 'la pharmacie' box has been getting some good usage. Both kids have been poorly all week. Worryingly they took ill monday, the day after our family trip to London Zoo.

I can't understand why. I became completely OCD'ish about the hand sanitizer they had everywhere at the zoo. Making them form an orderly queue at each sanitizer stop (and there were quite a few!). My son even started drinking the stuff. At one stop he wanted to do his own, so stood beneath, looking up, mouth wide open to concentrate... and... SPLOSH, straight into his mouth. Eugh!

ps. Only a couple of days left to enter my second sweetie giveaway, don't miss out!!...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It's child's play...

I'll let you into a little secret. I was drawn to the pattern and colours of this skirt on a sale rack in Sainsburys, Bury St Edmunds the other day... and was quickly let down when I realised it was a kids skirt... age 12-13.

I tried to force it on my daughter, she didn't want it, not cool enough or summink.

On further investigation, hmmm, it had an elasticated waistband. Could I possibly squeeze into it with the aid of the elastic, or at least letting the elastic out a bit? You betcha! "Sold to the lady who looks a tiny bit silly buying kids clothes for herself."

It still needed a little work, the length was very appropriate for a child, very decent you might say. So I whacked off a couple of inches (being the hussey that I am), hemmed it up (with hemming tape, I might be a hussey, but I'm no seamstress) and voila! A pretty skirt for a bargain £4. Sorted.

If you look closely enough, you can just see the hemming tape show through, so my plan is to just move quickly whenever I wear this, that way, no one will ever notice my shocking work.

ps. Don't forget to enter my second sweetie giveaway, you gotta be innit to winnit...

Monday, 26 October 2009

No7 Protect and Perfect bargains...

At the end of last week, I started to run out of most of my make up AND skin care products. Why does that always happen? All at once. At least it allowed me a bit of a shopping spree at Boots, Bury St Edmunds.

I've become addicted to Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Range. It is one of the best skincare ranges that I've ever tried. I use the eye cream, the day cream and the beauty serum.

These 3 bought together can set you back a bit as they retail around £20 per item, and really should be used in conjunction with each other to keep those wrinkles at bay.

I was thrilled to discover that Boots were doing a 3 for 2 offer on the range, but not only that, the assistant also gave me a £5 off voucher! I ended up getting all 3 for £34 which should have been £60. Yay!!! (The extra £5 off voucher only runs for a few more days, so hurry if you want to stock up!).

With the £25 I saved, I hot footed it round to New Look and bought that Rock and Roll jumper dress that has been 'on my radar' for some time now! I was a very happy shopper.

So, what skincare products do you swear by?

ps. Don't forget to enter my second sweetie giveaway, you gotta be innit to winnit...

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

I was in such a rush this morning to get the kids to their respective carers for the day that I didn't have time to get ready! Horrific! No make up, nothing.

I chucked on a trackie and trainers and off we skiddadled.

En route, my toddler asked "going running mummy?"
"Yes darling!" I lied, whilst my teenager sniggered.

Boy, has that little fella got some things to learn about mummy!

Once back home I had a little more time to get 'officially' ready for work. The sun was shining for a change, so I decided to eek out some wear in a summer dress. I thought the colours could lend themselves to an autumnal look.

The brown courdroy blazer was the only 'new' purchase, £3, thrifted from a charity shop in Bury St Edmunds. Coolio.

I also had a little play with a new foundation. 'Minerals' from L'Oreal. It's a powder foundation that claims flawless coverage. And the result... Yea, I quite liked it. (how's that for a product review?).

I didn't really have time to give it a fair try, just a bit of dabbing on the face and back of the hand mainly. 10,000 years BC (before children) I would have spent hours playing with this, perfecting using it, but those days are long gone... Now I just make do with a tidemarked face and lying to my two year old son about my keep fit regime (or lack of it!).

ps. Don't forget to enter my second sweetie giveaway, you gotta be innit to winnit...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Budget stylie hot picks from New Look...

Uh oh... I've been looking at the New Look website.... Darn it, I want so much, I've picked out just a few of my fave bargains – warning to BF: some of which may become mine.

Sequin ankle boots £25. Rock and Roll Jumper Dress £20. 69 Print Top £12. Chunky Beret £6. Funnell Neck Dolly Coat £30. Skinny Jeans £20. Sequin Jacket £35. Gem Frill Bag £12. Metallic Frill Belt £6. Ribbed Leather Gloves £12. All available from New Look.

My daughter is demonstrating at her high school open evening tonight. She is making scones for Home Ec! (which is amusing if only you knew how bad a cook I was). It's funny, she got picked to demonstrate due to her scones scoring a '9 1/2 out of 10' during lesson time. (woop woop Daisy!) But... what God giveth, he also taketh away, she also received a dentention for the very same lesson (for forgetting one ingredient). I can't figure it out! If I was Daisy, I would have bargained... "Sure, I'll demonstrate baking, but swipe the detention... pleeeeease Miss?"

On the other hand, I've been teaching my 2 year old son to finish singing his nursery rhymes with a dramatic finish... 'Up an octive' and 'Jazz Hands'. It's working, he's now doing it all the time, my work here is done. Only prob is, I did suddenly remember that he goes to toddler group several mornings a week with his childminding group. Just imagine the 'big finish and jazz hands to Old Macdonald Had A Farm' - he will never live it down. I'm picturing him now growing up, he will be a clone of Justin off of Ugly Betty... mwah ha ha.

ps. Don't forget to enter my second sweetie giveaway, you gotta be innit to winnit...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I found two new eye shadows in the boot of my car today!

At first I thought it must be God, cutting out the middle man (aka the shopping bit). In fact when I opened the car boot, a small gospel choir formed in my head and belted out a short sharp burst of "Hallelujah!" and... yep, my boot was glowing*.

Imagine that, you just wish for something and it appears in the boot of your car. A miracle!

But during later investigations, the mysterious eye shadows were claimed, by my mum, who'd lost them on one of our recent shopping excursions. Hmmph.

I started today with all good intentions of wearing a clean cut outfit, simple black and white... and red... and er yellow shoes (ok... several colours). But as the day wore on, and I got colder and colder, I eventually started layering up. I ended the day looking like a bag lady who'd been on a trolley dash round the local church jumble sale. (Naturally, I haven't pictured that look, although it can probably be found in a 'What NOT to wear' type feature somewhere online).

Oh, the skirt was from River Island, it was £10 in the sale. Yeehah!

ps. Don't forget to enter my second sweetie giveaway, you gotta be innit to winnit...

*Actually, there really was a glow of light... but that's just the interior boot light. No actual real miracles here today unfortunately. But, if God is reading... (what?... you never know), I don't really need 2 new eyeshadows, but if you know anything about heating in a Honda CRV please don't hesitate to have a tinker.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Faux fur, frills and purple shoes...

I woke up today feeling below par. Could of been the couple of shandies I had last night, but as I explained to BF and my colleagues was more likely that I was actually really ill (and it was Monday).

After serveral bouts from the voices in my head, 'staying in bed' put up a good defence, in the end I decided not to be a total wimp and just get up and get on with it.

When I got dressed I put on this new skirt which I found in a charity shop in Bury St Edmunds. It was £2.50. The length felt a tiny bit 'mumsy'. Yes, I am a mum, but I don't really qualify as 'mumsy' however much I wish I did. Having said that, looking at the pic, actually I think it is okay. It may live to see another day this skirt.

I wore the coat nearly all day. Was way too cold today. Not helped by the fact my heating has stopped working in the car. I like my car, but not when it does things like this. It's not content with having just had all new tyres at £100 a piece! Ungrateful I say.

The windows were misting up badly without the aid of some warmth, so as cold as it was, I had to whack the air conditioning on full blast just to see where I was going. My poor car nearly did get a quick kick today had it not been for a) not wanting to damage my purple shoes and b) the fact I suddenly realised I have heated seats... that softened the blow. Sure, I risked frostbite in my hands and face, but my butt was as warm as toast.

ps. Don't forget to enter my second sweetie giveaway, you gotta be innit to winnit...

pps. Horror! my son gave me two round "I've been a good girl" stickers this morning, and popped one on each boobie. It's now 8.30pm and I've just taken them off. Exactly how many people have seen me with these today is uncertain AND slightly worrying.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

DIY Sunday...

My mum got me this bag organiser recently, I could have sworn she said it was from Lakeland, but looking on their site, I cannot find it anywhere. Maybe they are just available in the shop.

It has to be one of the single most useful things in my chaotic life. Endless hours of searching for keys or a ringing phone in my bottomless bags are a thing of the past. I can swop handbags every day, and literally just lift this out and pop it in the next bag.

In a dramatic reconstruction, I've mocked up what could go in here. To save anyone's blushes, I haven't necessarily put in the real things that I carry around. Normally there would be serveral pairs of pants... not for me... for my potty training son, and occasionally some for the BF, well you never know when you might need them.

As I haven't been able to find a link to this if anyone was interested in bagging their own, I have a special treat for you:

Make your own! Yep, you heard it hear first. There are several tutorials available on tinternet, but this is one of my faves here... because it comes with... a downloadable pdf! mama mia! Not exactly the same... mine has handles, but lovely nonetheless.

Happy crafty Sunday everybody peeps!

ps. gosh, don't forget to enter my second sweetie giveaway, you gotta be innit to winnit...

Saturday, 17 October 2009

What a 'Sweet' giveaway II...

As I mentioned the last time I did this giveaway, I'm lovin' the sweeties. So in return for all your lovely comments and kind words... and just for reading my dribble each day, it's back. 'What a 'Sweet' giveaway II'.

Now, I know you're not supposed to accept sweets from strangers (hey, it's the oldest rule in the book kids), but on this occasion we can throw away the rule book. I'm strange AND I'm giving away sweets, a big old hamper of em. (Yep, the same ones as in that mouth ulcer inducing pic up top).

Here go the rules:

1. For one entry, please comment on this post.
2. For a second entry, please become a follower (if you are already a follower just comment to remind me about that would be good, yep)
3. For a third entry, post a link on your blog or stealeth my likkle image in my side bar and pop it in yours and let me know about it in the comments - a link would be good, but I'll probs find ya anyways.
4. For a fourth entry, tweet about this giveaway (chirpy chirpy) - oh, and comment.
5. For a fifth entry, …there is no fifth entry, four is plenty greedypants!
6. Anonymous entries cannot be accepted. Sorry 'bout that, but the nature of anonymity means that I won't know who on earth you are.
7. I will post overseas, so anyone can enter, but exact contents of the sweet basket may change slightly due to weight restrictions.
8. The winner will be picked randomly (I picked from a hat last time, but was a bit of a palava so will use a randomiser number picker and document it) on Sat 31st October at 9pm UK time and announced on Monday 2nd November. Posting of prize will happen approx one week after that date.
9. If you are super lucky and blimmin' well win, I will need you to email me within 7 days of winning with your postal address, otherwise, the next picked runner up will win the goodies. If it all goes horribly wrong, I shall just eat them. Nuff said.

Friday, 16 October 2009

I've got a new friend...

This top is new. It was a remarkable £1.97 from Primark, Ipswich. It also belongs to my daughter. Never thought I'd see the day when I was pilfering from my teenage daughters wardrobe, but hey ho.

I put it with a white skirt, grey tights, a long heart shaped pendant and hot pink shoes (also wore my purple coat and I was really loving the colour combo).

We have slipped into a pattern on Friday evenings. I finish work, go collect the relevant children (when I say relevant, I rarely collect just my own two children, Friday night is sleepover central in my house). Go collect Martha (aka my mum, her name isn't Martha but for some reason I call her that). And then we all trot down to Bury St Edmunds Tesco Supermarket for dinner in their café. (Oh the glamour of Dinner in Tesco!).

Every Friday at the same time, an older gentleman also eats there, alone. Now this will sound really really mean, but at first sight I wondered if he might be a tramp?. Terrible I know, but do you know what I mean, when you get an impression of somebody that may well be very wrong?.

Well, he's not a tramp. (At least I don't think he is) And as the weeks have gone on, we've progressed from a polite 'hello' to a few words conversation. Occasionally I bump into him out of situ, in a pub for example. My friends are often bewildered as to how I know this man. My daughter always pokes me and says "There's your new friend".

I can't really claim that he is my new bessie mate, I don't even know his name, but if next Friday I go to Tesco and he isn't there, I will be concerned and wonder if he is okay.

I do have some very random conversations with very random people, it is true. And I guess it is because I invite these conversations. It's very good for the soul!

ps. Just spotted a weird thing. In the photo up top... my reflection in the glass behind, my bazookas are either on fire or emitting a strange glow...

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Coat Love...

I've noticed a bit of 'Coat Love' going on in the blogosphere lately. Not to be last on trend, here is my most recent coat purchase.

A bargain £25 (full price) from, you guessed it... Matalan, Bury St Edmunds. Honestly, I should be the patron saint of Matalan.

Although the pic lies a little, it is bright shocking purple. I've not styled it up here, but I've been wearing it with hot pink or red scarves.

I love this style of coat, by far my favourite, it goes equally well with skirts as it does trousers, but can smarten up an outfit quicker than you can say... "ooh, don't you look smart".

They have it in other colours... I'm tempted by the turquoise version...

Have you seen
Clarks new range of desert boots?

To celebrate the 60th Birthday of the Desert Boot – Clarks have produced six unique boots to represent ‘life through the decades’:

Harris Tweed for the 1950’s
Liberty print for the swinging 60’s
Purple Suede for the 70’s
Denim Blue for the 80’s
Red/White/Blue England flag for the 90’s and
Vintage Sand for the 00’s

Which decade would you pick? I'm digging the 70's purple little beauties...

In conjunction with this they have also launched a unique 3D animation online called ‘Your Original Life’ that allows you to create your life through the decades. Users can upload pictures, music, backgrounds, colours and themes that they can then keep for themselves or upload to the web to share with friends. The animation has been called a ‘visualisor’ and is the first of its kind.

Want to try it out? Go to it is completely free of charge. I've had a quick look and it is pretty darn cool... check it out. You'll be one of the first to try it, as it only went live today!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bright red corsage...

I saw Jane wearing a gorgeous corsage the other day, and ever since have been inspired to wear the one I bought a couple of days ago from Sainsburys, Bury St Edmunds, for just a couple of pounds (less than a Starbucks but gives me a similar sorta buzzzzzzzz).

I didn't realise how distracting it would be for other people mind you. I've noticed eyes being drawn to it all day and some even double taking. Probably thinking 'why on earth is that lady wearing a humongous red flower on her jacket?'

One person did ask me if it squirted water. Squirted water? what? did he think I was a clown, circa 1984?

Although personally I think that would be one nifty accessory... pretty AND a hilarious gag all in one! (although not as hilarious as I remember it being in 1984).

pssst... top secret: I'm not allowed to talk about how much my shoes are hurting me today, mostly because they are new and my BF did not welcome more unnecessary shoes into the home with open arms, let alone ones with 4 1/2 inch heels, so I had to soldier on and act like they were as comfy as slippers, (he was sure he caught me wincing a couple of times), but... publicly, I can tell you that they FLIPPIN WELL HURT LIKE CRAZY!