Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Love letters...

Today I've been to my old favourite shop… Matalan.

My bargain of the day wasn't my blue dress (airport chic contender, see below) (ebay £6).
It wasn't even my cardigan (ebay £2).

It wasn't even these cute peeptoe white wedges with a bow (matalan £6):

It was though, these dangly earrings (matalan 75p!):

I love matalan. I've penned a little note to tell them how much:

Dear Matalan,

I heart you massively. I love you more than I loved that elderly man who walked into the cinema on Sunday to watch 'The Proposal', wearing his jumper tied around his waist, but the wrong way round so it looked like an apron (I didn't know that was still an acceptable fashion?).

I know some of my friends and family don't agree with you. They don't understand you Matalan. They take one look at the crumply, jumble sale type outer, but they don't take the time to delve into you and find out what you're all about.

I've neglected you for a week I know. But I drove past you on my way back from the airport and blew you a kiss, you were never far from my thoughts I promise.

I'm back now, and we can start up where we left off, I'll visit you at least 3 times a week, how does that sound?.

And thank you for your surprise 75% off sale today. You always know how to put a smile on my face.

Yours always


So what do you think? A teeny weeny bit creepy and weird?
Uh huh, I know.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cheryl Cole's got new hair then…

I dunno, I leave the country for a week or so and everything goes mental.

First, Sainsburys, my large
local grocery store uses my week away to completely change the entire store around. It took me over an hour to locate and buy 4 items at the weekend. Whilst I am grateful they chose to do it whilst I was away, (they were probably thinking it would be a nice surprise for me) I just wish they had given me a bit of notice, it was a shock to say the least.

And secondly, and more majorly, Cheryl Cole goes and changes her hair colour! Here she is with her new hair:

For those of you who are not familiar with Mrs Cole, she is currently one of the UK's most famous, most photographed and most loved ladies. She is part of a girl group 'Girls Aloud' and also Simon Cowells right hand woman on X-Factor. She's also married to one of the UK's most hated men, Ashley Cole who plays football for Chelsea. The fool cheated on her, but in true Footballers Wives fashion, she took him back.

I don't mind admitting that like many women I know, I do have a bit of a girl crush on old Chezza. Here she was with her previous hair:

So which do you prefer? new reddish/purple hair, or old gorgeousness hair.

Even though Cheryl can probably carry off any colour or style, I'm not so taken with the new tresses, it's gonna take a while to grow on me. Although I hear that colour hair dye is flying off the shelves already.

Also, I'm interested to know, if you live outside of the UK, have you ever heard of Cheryl Cole?.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Yoo hoo! I'm back…

Well, the holiday I have been waiting a year for has been and gone,
it was glorious. Glorious sunshine, glorious sangria and glorious sunburn.

Oh, and I bagged myself a cowboy. (Ok, so really he is my other half, but he probably will shoot me for posting a pic of him).

So in the interest of fair play, I too became a cowboy (yes, it was one of THOSE types of holiday).

I know quite a few of you will still be waiting to go on your holidays… so from experience, I bring you my 10 commandments of holidaying:

1. Thou shalt attend the gym thou joined six months ago with a view to getting that perfect bikini body. Going to the gym to sit in the bar drinking coffee and eating croissants, or 'watching' the family in the outdoor gym pool whilst sunning oneself on a lounger does not count.

2. Thou shalt 'defuzz' more efficiently prior to boarding any flight, at any time.

3. Thou shalt not try 'HARDCORE' sunbathing more than once. It can only end in tears.

4. Thou shalt not sunbathe all week in the same style bikini, it renders the sexy, strapless dresses reserved for the last few nights totally useless and a waste of valuable packing space in the suitcase.

5. Thou shalt moisturise and exfoliate religiously to avoid coming home with peely, patchy skin, making the 'show off the tan to friends' totally non applicable.

6. Thou shalt not down copious amounts of double vodkas and redbull in the local karaoke/drag bar until 4am, thus fooling oneself into believing she is Mariah Carey, when everyone else knows she is Mariah Scarey.

7. Thou shalt not depress oneself looking at all the thinner, younger and more attractive bodies on show all holiday. As I learnt today, this is the only reason boyfriends' wear sunglasses throughout an entire holiday.

8. Thou shalt not waste one entire day and evening of the holiday with a hangover from hell after downing copious amounts of double vodkas and redbull in the local karaoke/drag bar the night before.

9. Thou shalt not fall asleep on the 4 hour flight home next to a stranger. When you awake unexpectedly to find your dribbling face an inch or so away from aforementioned stranger, it makes for an awkward end to the flight.

10. Thou shalt not weigh oneself on day of return from said holiday, please allow at least 4 weeks prior to going anywhere near the scales. And that is an actual law.