Thursday, 17 December 2009

Facebook pic of the day...

Sharing my facebook pic of the day.

My children make me lol every day, especially when we go shopping and they insist on wearing 3d glasses.

And thank you for all your tips re. the navy top yesterday. Thanks to you guys, I think it's a keeper. I'm on it. x

In Tesco's tonight, I bought a couple of things. The shop assistant kindly decided to give me and the other shoppers in the queue a running commentary on my purchases:

"Wow, great dress... I'd like one of those" (I agreed politely)
"Oh, you found a matching belt" (yep, amazing I know)
"And a cardigan, so if it gets cold you can pop that on" (yep, getting bored now love)
"Eye drops, always a good idea on a heavy night out" (yada yada yada)
"Nibbles... good idea to take along to the party" (whatever)

As the panty liners moved up the conveyor belt, I tried to make eye contact with her, willing her to SHUT UP. How was she going to factor that into my 'imagined' evening out?

Thankfully to save my blushes and the others behind me in the queue, she didn't even try.

8 sleeps. Woo hoo.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A little help here please...

When I was out tonight, I came across this little top in the sale in Sainsburys. It was half price at £8 so I snapped it up.

I've been going against every rule of shopping lately, complete impulse purchases, and cheapy ones at that. This one caught my eye because of the pretty embroidery.

Now it's at home with me safe and sound though, I've noticed a slight problem. It's navy blue. Navy is not one of my colours. I don't own anything else navy or from that colour family (unless you count dark blue denim).

So now I'm completely stuck as to what to wear this with. What goes with navy? Do you have any ideas how I can style this? I'd be grateful for any advice, otherwise it may be doomed and be given back to the shop and boy do I hate doing that. :-(

Only 9 sleeps to go!!!!! And I'm about to go have one of those right now.

Total spent today: £8.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

Whilst we were having dinner tonight, there was a knock at the door.

"Is that singing" my other half said. And by jove it was, as we discovered when all 4 of us went to open the door (which is probably slightly weird if you are the 'knocker' – 4 people answering the door may seem a bit OTT).

Blimmin' carol singers! I'd heard that
carol singers existed, but often wondered if they were just an urban myth.

They sent the 'cute' little ones to the front, all wide-eyed and bushy tailed. (well without the tails, although we do live in a small village, and I've seen stranger sights), I think Joe thought his entire toddler group had turned up on his doorstep just to sing to him, he did look puzzled.
All the accompanying adults stood further back (in the darkness so their faces could be concealed). Mystery Carol Singers.

One child explained they were collecting for charity. So being the festive season and all that... I sent them packing without a penny! Interrupting my dinner indeedy, that'll teach 'em.

What? well if I'd given them a donation, I wouldn't have been able to purchase this winter floral top from Matalan, £8.

In other good news... Only 10 sleeps to go!!!!!

Total spent today: £8.

ps. To avoid any complaints, just to confirm, I am of course only joking... I let them sing a couple of songs first... and then I sent them packing!

Monday, 14 December 2009

The Kamakaze Assault Course

In some respects I guess I am lucky that I work from home, literally from my back garden. (Well, not quite literally, I'm not a hobbit after all... sitting in the depths of the undergrowth, I should say it is actually an office within in my garden.)

My walk home from work is approximately 15 steps. Which may sound pretty cool given some people's commutes, but let me tell you... with the nights drawing in so early, those 15 steps are filled with terror and peril every evening. I call it 'The Kamakaze Assault Course'.

First up, we have the treacherous clothes washing line (still lying on the floor
from summer), one false move and it's wrapped round your legs quicker than Tiger Woods in a Las Vegas motel room.

Next, comes the childs scooter, a simple, ye olde kids scooter by day, but turns into a 4 wheeled, vicious, danger machine at night in the pitch black.

If you've made it that far, the next obstacle is the 'Slide of Death'. So called as it has nearly killed me on several occasions. It may only be a 2ft high kids slide, but it's camoflage skills are respected by most of the military personnel in the country, being a perfect match for the night sky.

Finally, right by the back door are the 'Jeopardy Pots', if your foot goes in one, you are a gonna... with a capital G.

To make my journey even more exciting, I like to do it in 4 inch heels like the red platform ones above, not for the faint hearted I can tell ya! The amount of expletives coming from my garden every evening, quite honestly needs a Parental Advisory Warning.

I made it home unscathed, and nothing much new to show you in my outfit today, other than this oversized brown belt I found in Primark for £2.91 and Black Roll Neck Top, also £2.91 from Primark. I have a love/hate relationship with Primark, today it's lurve...

Here's hoping your journey home is a safer one.

Total spent today: £6 or just under, cba to do the maths.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

3 facts about Elves... you never really wanted to know, but do now...

At this time of year, I know everyone starts to ask themselves... I wonder what the top 3 FACTS about elves are?

What?, you haven't asked yourself that? Really? Just me then. Well nevermind, you're getting them anyway...

Interesting Elf Fact No. 1:
One of the best Christmas films ever made is 'ELF'
(taken from the 'Shopaholic poll for best Christmas films ever made' survey). We watched it tonight for possibly the 517th time
. I can't believe this film was released in 2003, my how time flies... when you're watching Elf. Fact.

Interesting Elf Fact No. 2:
If you've never done this before, then it is well worth frittering away 5 minutes of your time... check out elfyourself. It still makes me nearly wet myself every time! Fact.

Interesting Elf Fact No. 3:
This years lack of rainbows has been put down to ELVES getting access to acording to leprechan and goblin monthly. (Okay, can't claim that one for myself, taken from comedian Ross Noble's twitter status!) Debatable Fact.

I know, bet you feel better now.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Sweet Smell of... Christmas

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without all the glorious festive smells. And there aren't many whiffy things better than Yankee Candles.

Today, my daughter and I chose two Christmas scented Yankee Candles, 'Mulled Wine' and 'Christmas Eve' purchased from 'Buy the Light' in Bury St Edmunds.

It maybe cold outside, but indoors it is like a mini santa's grotto. We've just baked cookies and one of the candles is making the house smell super Christmassy, spicy cinnamon... lovely.

If you are stuck for a gift idea for a sister, mum or grandmother, I highly recommend a Yankee Candle. The jar ones last forever. A Yankee Candle is not just for Christmas after all!

In other good news, 6-1 chance of a white Christmas this year in the UK...!

What Yankee Candle 'flavour' would you recommend?

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

Today, we bought our Christmas Tree.

Every year we go to a lovely place near our home to buy our tree, Blackthorpe Barn in Rougham. There is a massive selection of trees, a delightful decorations shop, cafe, arts and crafts stalls... it is quite frankly, Christmas heaven.

J likes to get heavily involved in the Christmas Tree selection. It's his thing. And his number 1 criteria? – it has to be BIG. (well, you know what they say about men and their Christmas Trees... No?… that's probably cos I just made that up).

I'm the most organised I've ever been so far this Christmas, not complete, but organised, which is a bonus for me. I hope your Christmas prep is going well...

Total spent today: eek! (I'm closing my eyes) Tree £42.99, Door Wreath £12.99, other bits and pieces (cos obviously I can't leave a shop with just two items, even if they are bigger than my car) £20.00(ish)...

ps. Just noticed something important is missing off our tree... the STAR! A tree without a star is like... Victoria without David... soz, I meant to say Mary without Joseph.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Party dresses...

One of my absolute most successful traits, is being able to make a complete fool out of myself on a daily basis.

At a posh party the other night, I was hovering around outside... alone... in full ballgown attire, when two girls walked towards the building. I couldn't quite see their faces as it was dark, but one of them loudly said "HELLO...?"

Oh, I must know them I thought to myself, (well, they are arriving at the same party).
"HIYA" I shouted back in my cheeriest manner...

I didn't know them. As they drew nearer the girl continued her conversion... ON HER MOBILE PHONE TO SOMEONE ELSE... Man!!!! I DIE... they had to walk right past me, they looked embarrassed... for me.

I popped to Tesco after work today for some wrapping paper. Didn't find any I liked, but this zebra dress did sneak it's way into my basket... naughty dress.

All party dresses were half price, making this dress just £9!! I don't know if I'm abnormal (well, don't answer that actually, I clearly am) but, I wouldn't even say this is an out and out party dress, I would be quite happy wearing this in the daytime with a hot pink cardi and matching shoes...

I've just looked on the Tesco website and they have tons of stuff half price, it is well worth a look, dresses, coats, boyfriend cardigans... AND that little leather bomber jacket that's been "on my radar" for some time now is half price at £14!!! SOLD!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Please wash your hands...

A strange thing just happened.

I noticed a brown mark on my hand, and for some reason, instinctively licked it. (That maybe the mum in me, yes I have started washing my son's face with my own saliva when needs must).

As soon as I licked my hand though, my mind flashed back over the last couple of minutes. I had made a coffee and... eugh, emptied my sons potty... eugh 50/50 chance.

I think you know where this is headed so nuff said, suffice to say, the lesson for today is... "Always smell BEFORE licking".

Today, I wore a stripey top I bought last week from Tesco, Bury St Edmunds. It was a complete bargain, with a starting price of £8 but with 20% off, so made it like... um... a bit less than £8... (whut? it's been a long day, my brain is offline).

Whilst you may be thinking, not bad love, but it is only a simple black and white long sleeved T... well let me tell you, there are tricks galore with this top:

1. It has removable shoulder pads! wowza! so it's perfect for a Dynasty Reunion Party... (if there is such a thing?)

2. PLUS! a large silver zip right down the back... I discovered that in cold weather, the zip does get very cold indeed. Several bouts of involuntary 'squealing like a girl' later and I had to give in and pop a vest top underneath. My colleagues already think I'm mental, random squealing wasn't helping my cause.