Friday, 16 July 2010

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum – have you tried it yet?

So this is the new 'must have' beauty product that has his the shelves in the UK this week.

Boots are selling this exclusively for £39.99 (in fact the Boots website crashed last night due to the demand from eager shoppers). You can BUY IT HERE – if they have any left!

It promises to promote eyelash growth by up to 50%, if used daily for 8 weeks.

Have you tried this or are you going to? I'm so interested to know if anyone has in real life, reviewers seem to be raving about it, is it really that great?

Thursday, 15 July 2010


The NEXT Sale starts officially on 17th July, stores open from 5am and online from 8am.

I've heard rumours it starts in London stores on 16th July, er... like tomorrow from 5am and rest of the UK on Saturday. Can anyone confirm?

Eugh: flat shoes...

I had a full-day photoshoot today for one of my design clients. A full and tiring day I can tell you... but on the upside, it was in a pub! And boy do I love a good old country pub.

I had to be ultra comfy today for jumping around the set's, and that meant... eugh: flat shoes. Not something you'll often see me in!

This LBD was fabulously cheap from Matalan at £10 but has seen me through all sorts fashion dilemma's, dressed up or dressed down it really is so versatile. I love the gold detail round the neck which ties in nicely with my beige with gold fleck cardigan.

Happy evening to you all!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Just a hint of pink...

Top: River Island, Skirt: Matalan, Shoes: Matalan, Necklace: Gift from my mum

Day 2 in my advice from the Joy Wilson body shape guide, 'a tulip skirt with pockets', gives me some hips... and as Shakira would say in her nasal type Shakira stylie "ooh baby I'm on tonight... and the hips don't lie...".

Today led me to thinking about two extremely important questions in life...
1. Is it okay to wear satin for day wear?... I say YES!
2. After all his misdemeanors, is it still okay to love my soundtrack of the day?... Chris Brown, Forever

What d'ya say? Love or Boycott Chris Brown?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Today Matthew, I will be a... buzzy bee

I found the yellow shoes on ebay a year or two ago, after seriously stalking a pair that Kasmira used to wear a lot over on her blog...

There is something a bit buzzy bee'ish*
(made up word alert!) about my outfit today.

Running on from my earlier post about dressing to suit your shape, one thing these guides often tell me to wear is an A-line skirt, which suits me fine as I have around 532 in my wardrobe. I think they suit just about everyone – and as my dear old friend used to say (btw, she's not dead, she just doesn't say it any more), if ever in doubt, go A-line.

This black and white stripey number is from River Island (£10 sale price) and actually has a layer of netting as well as the lining, which gives it that extra va va voom – and we all love a bit of va va voom don't we?

*Interesting Bee Fact: A common, yet incorrect, assumption is that the buzzing sound of bees is caused by the beating of their wings. The sound is actually the result of the bee vibrating its flight muscles, and this can be achieved while the muscles are decoupled from the wings—a feature known in bees but not other insects, oooh, who'd have known?

Which body shape are you?

One of the fundamental rules of style according to most stylists, is dressing to suit your body shape. But do you know what body shape you really are?

Most of us have a distorted view of our true body shape. What we see (or think we see) in the mirror isn't necessarily true, sometimes it takes others to point out and assess our shape and it can be a surprise!

I love Joy Wilson's shape guide, with a simple quiz to find out what shape you are and then helpful suggestions and ideas on how to dress to suit that shape.

I've always thought I have broad shoulders and smaller hips making me a 'Strawberry' – but on closer inspection actually I may be more of a straight up and down or a 'Rectangle' according to Joy. At least I can read the tips for both and choose which to put into action!

So which body shape are you?

Monday, 12 July 2010

Ladies day at the races...

'Considering it was ladies day, there seemed to be rather a lot of men milling around!'

What better excuse to get all dressed up than ladies day at Newmarket Races?

I bought a new floaty maxi dress especially for the occasion (£20), plus a purple fascinator (£6), both from bargaintastic Matalan.

I was quite possibly one of the cheapest dressed ladies there, and certainly wasn't going to win any fashion awards with all the amazing designer looks floating around, but I had a fantastic day none-the-less.

Sorry the pic is rather bright, but it was proper scorchio in Newmarket that day. I Show Allhave to say I felt as cool as a cucumber in the long, airy maxi – highly recommended for warm days. If I can find a full length pic, I'll update the image asap!

Back by popular demand...

Outfit: Gold shoes and belt, brown and gold flecked trousers, animal print chiffon blouse, wooden heart necklace, pretty much ALL from New Look.

Well, I'm back, not so much by demand, just by one request really... from my mum and auntie... (holds sign up *hello mum and auntie!).

I'm not wearing anything new here, but there is something new in the picture, can you spot it?

I have no clue where this necklace is from, unbeknown to me, it has been lurking in my jewellery for some time!

No, it's not the necklace, cute as it maybe... that's just a decoy shot.

'Home Sweet Home' from the cute but camp 'Colin and Justin' range at Matalan.

five if you guessed the 'Home Sweet Home' ornament on my mantlepiece, fresh from the sale in Matalan for a fabulous £10.

Whilst there isn't often much 'sweet' about my home (it contains children), we can but dream!