Friday, 15 January 2010

Do it yourself this weekend...

I have 5 'main' Winter coats. All of which also see me through our British Autumn's and Spring's too (and come to think of it, some Summer's as well), so truth be told, they could be classed as 'all year round' coats.

They are all really similar in style, 3/4 length, tailored, it's just my thing.

From left to right I have beige, black, brown with fur collar, purple and red
. By far the most used are the purple and red, they just go with everything.

My coats are like old friends, some I've literally had for years and years! A couple are getting a little tired and are in need of some tlc. So, this weekend, I'm giving them a little mini-makeover. Starting with my favourite, THE RED ONE. I'm getting new buttons and possibly some trim for the pockets. I'll see how that one goes and then maybe move on to the others!!

Have you had much luck customising/updating your clothes? I haven't really tried it before, but I figure – even I can't mess up changing buttons!! Please come back over the weekend to see how I get on.

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Leah said...

I do that a lot... change buttons to get a new perspective on an old outfit. I was planning to go to Marshall's today to buy some new buttons. Good luck on the button changes. xoxo

Kari said...

What a neat idea! Will we get to see the finished product? (I love the red coat!)

That's neat that your mom enjoys the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Series. My mom and I get such a kick out of them.

Barry said...

I just read your comment on Leah’s blog about the poem I wrote, “Ode to Leah”. Thanks for your kind words, they’re much appreciated!

Barry from
“Life in Quotations”

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I would be too scared to muck something up, good luck!

NorthWestLondonGirlInTheCountry said...

I did once add some exquisite VV Rouleaux velvet ribbon with tiny mother of pearl buttons sewn on, to a rather dull black dress. Actually what I mean is I got a dressmaker to do it for me, as I cannot sew. It used to take me a year what it took everyone else a term to make at school, so I have huge admiration for anyone who can customise themselves. I look forward to seeing the finished results xx

Em x said...

Its a brilliant plan. I always have good intentions to do this but i never get round to it and i'm a terrible sewer x