Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Handbrake turns for girls...

Crikey, it's been a busy day.

I've just finished work and it's 10pm (of the night time variety). Today has been manic so sorry no chance for a shopping post today, just something irrelevant. Well… it is irrelevant Tuesday after all.

On my way to my first meeting this morning, tad on the late side, I was bombing down the motorway (ah, just been pulled up on that, apparently it's not a motorway as it only has two lanes, but I'm a girl and anything bigger than one lane is a motorway in my book).

Doing a teensy weensy bit over the speed limit. 'Honestly officer it was only a teensy bit over'... when suddenly I got overtaken, by... a learner driver.

Seriously? He must have been doing 90mph. I saw the white knuckles of the instructor on the dashboard as he whizzed past. That's surely not allowed?

As I turned off the 'ahem' motorway, I pulled up behind another learner driver, who continued at the more accepted speed of 10mph... ALL THE WAY INTO TOWN! I was late.

So for that crazy learner driver and anyone else who has never tried it, here is some handy tips on how to pull off the coolest handbrake turn, like the ones in them there films and that...

The perfect handbrake turn for girls:
1. You are best doing a hand brake turn in wet conditions.
2. A hand brake turn can be done in any car with a good hand brake that can lock you rear wheels tightly.
3. You need to drive at around 15mph with your left hand on the hand brake and your right at the 12 o’clock position.
4. Then simultaneously turn the steering to the right, depress the clutch and pull really hard on the hand brake to lock the rear wheels. As you do this the rear end of the car will skid out to the way you steer if you pull the handbrake hard enough.
5. Once your car has turned, pointing to where you want to go release the hand brake, re-engage the clutch and drive away.

Important Note:
This sort of manoeuvre should not be attempted in Sainsburys carpark trying to secure the last toddler/mum space.
It's not big and it's not clever. (Well it is a little bit clever).
But actually, should probably not be tried, like... ever.

ps. No offence intended to learner drivers by the way, I love them. I used to be one.


Timeless Fashion... said...

I have got another busy day ahead of me too. Not looking forward to it. Lookily I don't drive :)

Timeless Fashion... said...

Sorry, I meant - luckily :)


Lol. I never imagined I could see a driving lession on this blog. ;)

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daisychain said...

ahaha, amazing post (reminds me of my lessons)

Struggler said...

Actually, I'd love to see this in Sainsbury's car park.

Did I miss the outcome of the daughterly hair dye disaster? Did you have any luck getting it to wash out of things?

Shopaholic said...

Hi Struggler,
Nope, ended up chucking most of the items, the rug, towels (well their in hiding for more hair dye experience). The carpet has been hidden by razor blading the ends of the affected areas, and the dressing table is still awaiting action... She still doesn't like to talk about it! x

Struggler said...

I'm sorry the dye didn't wash out, but at least you saved the carpet, which is probably a major item of expense! You might have to get a bit creative with the dressing table...