Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bright red corsage...

I saw Jane wearing a gorgeous corsage the other day, and ever since have been inspired to wear the one I bought a couple of days ago from Sainsburys, Bury St Edmunds, for just a couple of pounds (less than a Starbucks but gives me a similar sorta buzzzzzzzz).

I didn't realise how distracting it would be for other people mind you. I've noticed eyes being drawn to it all day and some even double taking. Probably thinking 'why on earth is that lady wearing a humongous red flower on her jacket?'

One person did ask me if it squirted water. Squirted water? what? did he think I was a clown, circa 1984?

Although personally I think that would be one nifty accessory... pretty AND a hilarious gag all in one! (although not as hilarious as I remember it being in 1984).

pssst... top secret: I'm not allowed to talk about how much my shoes are hurting me today, mostly because they are new and my BF did not welcome more unnecessary shoes into the home with open arms, let alone ones with 4 1/2 inch heels, so I had to soldier on and act like they were as comfy as slippers, (he was sure he caught me wincing a couple of times), but... publicly, I can tell you that they FLIPPIN WELL HURT LIKE CRAZY!


Leah said...

Squirting water? That's too hilarious. I'm seeing a lot of huge flower corsage lately. I want one but I don't know how to use them in y outfits. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ad I totally agree with the sacrifices we ladies have to make with some of our shoes.

Lisa said...

I love the flower! I love the pops of color.

I completely understand the shoe situation. Some shoes are worth it!

Sher said...

LOL! wanted to know if it squirted water? You always come across the funniest people!

Love your flower :)


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The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the corsag eon you.
I have a secret. I found the dress I was coveting from you rblog. The floral one from Tesco.
i went to another store on my way home yesterday and they had it in my size. For - £5.00!

Layla said...

lol!! :)

I misread 'corset' at first, and kept looking where the corset is?! :)

I love some of those 80s flowers too!! (Ssh, don't tell anyone - have one to put into my hair! :)

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-sorry to hear about the shoes, but your outfit is just gorgeous, you so suit a red and black combo, great outfit!! From Sharon Rose

Make Do Style said...

Suffering for ones shoes hey! I love the corsage they are so good for creating drama!

Struggler said...

Bad luck on the shoes - I hate, hate, hate it when fabulous buys turn out to be uncomfortable.
Love this outfit on you, although I can appreciate that others may be a bit confused by your bloom!