Saturday, 4 July 2009

Watch out. Low flying dinosaurs!

Today I was resigned to the fact that I couldn't leave the house, so had to make do with online shopping and bought this dragonfly door knocker that I had been coveting for some time.

Any true shopaholic will agree that Saturday is by far the best shopping day, but today I was not able to get my fix. Instead I offered to babysit (?).

As well as my usual two, I had my neice and nephew and a straggler from a sleepover the night before (sorry Becky, we love you really, you are just a straggler for the purposes of this story).

A total of 5 children, 3 of which were under 4. I am pooped.

Anyhow, as an expert online shopper I was still able to purchase this gorgeous dragonfly door knocker from candle and blue, St Johns Street, Bury St Edmunds – whilst changing a nappy AND dodging low flying dinosaurs... I'm a multi-tasker.

I'm just waiting for the 'rolled-eyes' look from my other half when it arrives. I think he actually prefers me to buy clothes, household items usually mean some form of input from him and possibly the use of a drill.

Total spent today: £8.95 (plus P&P)

*Fossil records show that dragonflies are some of the most ancient creatures on earth, with an ancestory that spans more than 300 million years.
Dragonflies have almost 360 degree vision (which I could have done with today!).


Marie Lemondrop said...

I love the colors found in this verdigris iron look. The headboard for my bed is made from an old iron fence and has the same color. LOVE IT! Fab find-

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

I love that door knocker, would look so cute on my old garden shed door!!

Nora Johnson said...

Many thanks for stopping by my blog! I think yours is great - love the name! Will be back again as soon as I can to catch up with your earlier posts!

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend!

See you again soon!

x Nora & Lola:)

Melissa~ said...

Thanks for visit my blog!
I really like your blog.

I love that dragonfly!and is a door knocker, awesome!

WendyB said...

I love anything decorated with dragonflies but I don't like the real thing so much. I hate it when they get close to my hair. Well, that makes sense. Who wants to have a dinosaur in her hair?

Sher said...

What a unique door knocker! I just wore a lilly pulitzer dragon fly wrap skirt last weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

its nice to have a whole day in sometimes but with five children to look after thats maybe a different matter.I liked the unusual door knocker,that was a good find.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wow, what a gorgeous door knocker, so unusual and unique, it will sure look good!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Its a really pretty door knocker, great find!
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Vik said...

love this vintage style dragonfly door knocker!!
thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) Please stop by again!
Much love from Ireland

Kari said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit!

I love the knocker - the distressed metal dragonflies look awesome. My mom picked up a lightswitch plate with a similar vibe that had dragonfly decals on it, and it looks really neat in the house.