Friday, 3 July 2009


Today I bought a rather nice top for 99p!!!!!!.

So, my goal today was to go from day to night in the same top. I was really, really happy with this total bargain from ebay. And it arrived in record time – around 19 hours from purchase.

For work, I teamed it with a beige skirt, and then to rock it up a bit this evening I introduced skinny jeans.

I was straight off out after work with some friends to watch the hubby play darts, whilst us girls sat watching with a beer. (Yes, tonight I was a darts WAG*!)

Total spent today: 99p (1.75 p&p)

*Darts wives are not notorious for their love of fashion. Unlike WAGS in the premier football league, think Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole, Darts WAGS are a totally different breed. Check us out here.


E said...

Fantastic top! Those shoes are so perfect, too!

Anonymous said...

like the sleeve length on your top and the fact that it goes just as well with a skirt as jeans

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there- a cute top, hope you a good night too!

Shopaholic said...

Hi E, thank you! My pink shoes are one of my faves at the moment

Hi Anon, thank you, I think it will go with lots this top, might try leggings next

Hi Sharon, I did have a fun night watching darts! ha ha! I really wanted a '180' sign to hold up! x

Sher said...

Love the colors!