Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This is a little bit spooky!

Today I haven't been shopping, it hasn't been a normal day.

My son was 2 today so we have had a lovely day taking him out to see some sharks, turtles, fish, and penguins at Sea Life, Gt Yarmouth. (TOP TIP, you must book your tickets online before you go, by booking online you get £5 off each ticket, children under 3 are FREE).

However, after our excitement and happiness today, I have just watched the Michael Jackson* Memorial. His daughter Paris saying her piece was just so emotional, and then taking the coffin out to 'Man in the Mirror', one of my favourite songs ever, just about took the biscuit, I was a blubbering wreck.

So imagine my shock when in my fragile state of mind, I came across this clip from a Larry King show clip on youtube.

What do you think? MJ ghost or complete hoax?

Total spent today: £15 (two adult tickets to Sea Life) (I won't give you the real total, including birthday presents, it sounds ridiculous!!!!)

*Wikipedia reckons The Thriller Album has sold between 47–108m copies worldwide, which sounds a bit vague! you'd think someone would know!!!


E said...

Haha, I heard about this and it's being called the "Three Men and a Baby" video because of the supposed ghost in that movie.

Jane said...

I am always dubious about films claiming to contain ghosts. If he's still here in some form - great. If he's not he's in a better place.
Although I feel MJ is alive and kicking in my living room. My youngest son can't stop singing his songs and practising his dances. Although I am not sure about him keep sticking his hand over his crotch to do the BIllie Jean dance- that does give me the willies!
Glad you had a lovely birthday day!

Kristin said...

Probably not real but ewwwwwwwwww. Happy bday to your munchkin!!