Monday, 22 June 2009

My shoes are driving me up the wall...

Today, in my quest for the perfect summer shoes (see my wishlist), I bought these brown wedges.

In my desire to wear them, I lopped off the tags a bit too soon. I have a slight problem. I have wide flipper feet and it was quite apparent these were not going to fit properly even when I tried them on in the shop, but for some strange reason I thought they'd be okay.

Now at the end of their first proper outing, I've been in agony half the day and have a walk that resembles Jar Jar Binks* - so perfect summer shoes is not being crossed off my wishlist today.

Sally my sister in law has suggested cutting a very small split at the side where they are hurting, just to loosen them a bit... What do you think – to cut or not to cut?

Their only saving grace is that they were from Mataland and so didn't cost the earth.

Total spent today: £14 :-(

*Jar Jar was voiced by Ahmed Best


Anonymous said...

shouldnt cut them look for some more

Marie Lemondrop said...

Those are very cute, I would have bought them too. With real leather I try getting them wet and wearing them around the house to stretch them out- but if that isn't an option a tiny cut might make them comfy. They'll wear out faster, but you get to enjoy them instead of wearing them to sit all day events only. :)

Tina - Freebird Professional said...

cut them!! You'll never wear them again otherwise, and they'll sit in your wardrobe for eternity... apart from the odd occasion where you really want to wear them, and you convince yourself that they'll be comfortable. You'll happily put them on, thinking they look lovely, then within an hour remember exactly why they'd been sitting in your wardrobe for so long... lol - at least that's what happens to me :-)

So - cut them - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain :-)