Friday, 19 June 2009

Mellow Yellow

Today I bought this floaty summer dress!

Firstly, sorry about the pic, I look awkward and geeky, I should try to learn to relax more... but it is my first one I will try harder next time.

This gorgeous dress was an unbelievable bargain on Ebay. So much so, I felt a bit bad paying for it on Paypal. I had visions of the poor owner crying into it... "How could someone only offer me 99p for a brand new with tags on dress from a portuguese boutique? boo hoo hoo".

But hey ho, all is fair in love and Ebay... now it is MINE (mwah ha ha ha… evil laugh).

I have probably spoilt it somewhat by layering a cardigan and belt over it, but it's pretty chilly today so can't show it off in it's full glory. It has a string of coloured beads attached around the neckline so a necklace would be a bit OTT.

Total spent today: £0.99 (plus £1.80 P&P)


Anonymous said...

for that price you can afford to take a chance on size i like it because it is a little bit different

Anonymous said...

i love the dress, and the blog gemma!


That's a gorgeous dress and fab price to. Looks brilliant. :-D

Shopaholic said...

I usually only buy things like dresses, skirts and some tops on ebay, all can be fairly flexible on the size so the risk of waste is much reduced - woo hoo.

daisywalters. :) said...

you buy anything & everything on ebay, mum.