Friday, 25 September 2009


A short post tonight my friends. There has been a drama in the house.

My 13 year old daughter decided to dye her hair dark brown.

I can't go into detail as I am still growling. But does anyone have any tips on getting brown (permanent) hair dye out of:

a) my cream bedroom carpet
b) my new white bathroom rug (one day old)
c) 2 x white towels (yes 2)
d) my pine dressing table...

You guys are such a wealth of knowledge, any tips will be so gratefully received.

love you ;-).


Struggler said...

Oh, I'm sorry, this is drama indeed. Reminds me of the time I got purple candle wax on the (carpet) kitchen floor.

I'm afraid I don't have any great tips for hair dye removal. Is there a questions hot line on the packet?

For the bedroom carpet, if the pile is longish and there's not too much of it, you might get away with some gentle trimming of the effected bits. You obviously want to do that very carefully though and it won't work on more than a few strands...

Passion4Fashion said...

I had luck with some nail polish remover on a wood bathroom cabinet. But I wasn't too worried about if it didn't work so I will say try at your own risk but like I said I got results.

Spot test?

Leah said...

I can imagine the horror on your face.

For the white towels, I recommend bleaching them. For the carpet, maybe you can still try to us a spot and stain carpet cleaner or just ask help from professional carpet cleaning services.

Hope everything turns out well. Have a great weekend.

Sher said...

I don't have an answer. Thinking here it needed to be done before anything dried. Sorry. Hope you can do something about it.

Lisa said...

I have no idea, beyond bleaching for the towels, and possibly the bathroom rug depending on what it's made of.
I can't believe you have a 13 year old, you look way to young to have a daughter who is already dying her hair!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh no! I wish I had some tips for you. That's horrible. I hope you find a way of getting the stains out soon! How does her hair look? I hope she's lovely (although I'm not sure if that makes up for the mess, haha). :)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Oh No!
My daughter used Sun-IN last year and it is still growing out.
As for getting rid of the brown dye I can only agree with the blogger who said to call the helpline number.
Good Luck!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-oh no, I really hope you've found a solution my dear, hope the weekend gets better.

grumpyoldwoman said...

Hairdressers use perm lotion on their dye stains - perhaps try it on the towels first?

Good luck!

I dyed my hair green a couple of weeks ago - and I am 53 - we girls never learn.

Marian said...

I heard perm lotion may help, do test on some rag first.
sorry about the drama! :)
have a good evening

CC said...

Ohmy! She certainly dyed more than her hair. ;)


Keith said...

I have no clue. I do wish you the best.

Anika said...

Oh no, poor you....having to do damage control. Errr, bleach for the towels...and I'm pretty sure I've seen an ad on Aussie tv for a product you can buy to lighten stains on carpets until they disappear.

Hope you suceed.

p.s. how did her hair turn out? Lol, might as well ask right? ;)

Have a great, chilled out weekend, you poor thing!

Em x said...

Oh no, i have no idea about the stain removal, my first thought would be vanish on the rug and carpet. x

Kallie said...

I remember doing that to my mom's bathroom. Shes STILL grumbling and it happened 10 years ago. Good luck getting it out. Nail polish remover is good, just not on wood.

Kari said...

Oh no!

I have heard that nail polish remover or hair spray can do wonders for stain removal on fabrics, but have no idea about wood. Hope that something works.

Kristin said...

Oh no. I"m sorry. Good luck!

daisychain said...


I remember getting in big trouble for doing this myself.

Shopaholic said...

Thanks for all the advice guys.

Daisy's hair does look quite nice (although she had naturally fair hair with lovely natural highlights) so it's taking some getting used to.

I shall try out some of these, i've given up on the towels and the rug, carpet is just about salvagable, it's really long pile so someone has razor bladed the ends for me... and the dressing table I think will need a light sanding.

Daisy has lost her laptop and mobile phone for a week, she feels like she's lost an arm.

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I have the faintest idea!!!
If I come across something I'll be sure to let you know!!!:)