Saturday, 5 September 2009

STOP... poncho time!

I can't believe I haven't posted for so long, it wasn't an intended absence but as addictive as blogging is, it's also all too easy to fall out of the blog way of life, so my apologies gang – but I'm back!

Today I bought a fabulous poncho* from Tesco (I'd only popped in for some bread). Actually I have two. The cream one shown above AND a purple one.

I've always felt that ladies avec poncho look somewhat floaty and sophisticated. Unfortunately I haven't quite mastered the art of wearing the poncho in a sophisticated manner, I'm more cowboyish, so for the meantime you will have to make do with a model who wears it so perfectly!

The only downer to buying said poncho was that when I arrived at the checkout, I noticed the label size was different to the hanger size, so annoying when that happens, I mentioned this to the lovely checkout girl (who quickly morphed into bitchy checkout girl) who felt that I may be happier with the larger size I'd picked up. Hmmph. Totally put out, I still went to swop it for a smaller one and didn't go back to bitchy checkout girl. I just hope it fits! I can't face taking it back to the tune of "I told you so" smug, bitchy checkout girl.

When I arrived home, had a strange text convo with my mum.

Mum: "Come and watch football here if you like 5 thirty"
Me: "Ok, will do x"
Mum: "Good"
Me: "Was that your world record attempt for the shortest text ever?"
Mum: "N"

Mum hasn't quite fathomed out how to do punctuation in texts bless her but she is rather comical, technology is a bit of a blur to her. But I've realised that we regularly spend over £1 a time on similarly random discussions.

Total spent today: £10 (well £20 if you include the fact that I bought it in two colours, but I prefer to gloss over quite frankly irrelevant facts like that).

*The poncho has become a fashionable item both in fashion as in pop culture, after being the most notable outfit of the Man with No Name, played by Clint Eastwood, in Sergio Leone's "Dollars Trilogy". Interesting fact of the day.


Anonymous said...

wonder what the other colour was

Anonymous said...

oh i see now purple and cream ,fab

Sher said...

Welcome back!!! I have two wraps/ponchos and I get teased at work that I look like Clint Eastwood LOL! I wear them anyway :D

Nora Johnson said...

Welcome back too! Often happens doesn't it - you go into Tesco for food items & see somthing lovely by F & F & it's in yr basket before you know what's what!!

I love ponchos too - so useful & pretty!

Have great weekend!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-nice to see you back and the ponchos were a good buy, hope they fit alright! I'm with your mum too, I still can't do punctuation in texts, just so she's not in a minority, LOL! Have a good weekend!

Kari said...

I like the texture on the cream poncho! Hmm, I never mastered wearing a poncho successfully either. It was nice to throw on something warm & more sophisticated than a robe or blanket, but I don't have a very bohemian or western style aesthetic, so it didn't really look right on me. I'd love to see you wear it.

Glad that you are back! I've missed your posts.

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I luv this poncho, it's solely FAB! I bought one last year and just can't imagine FALL without it!!!:)

TheStrawberryFields said...

Thanks for coming by,ive never tried a poncho.

Leah said...

Love that poncho. We're so alike. If I like something, I buy it in different colors.