Monday, 8 November 2010

At last, Forever21 launches in the UK!

Calling all Fashionistas! Ever lusted after clothes from an American fashion blog, only to realise you have no chance, unless you take a quick flight across the continents to grab yourself a bargain? (rendering the term 'bargain' slightly non-applicable).

One of the main culprits that crops up A LOT in fashion blogs is Forever21, but fear not, in a high street fashion trade off, we gave them Topshop, now they are giving us Forever21!

With the first UK store launching in Birmingham this Friday on 12th November, and the second in Dublin on 13th November, I for one am hoping they will filter through to all the main cities in the UK over the coming months.

In a side note, I'm hoping to get back to some outfit posting real soon, once I've a) sorted out my winter wardrobe and b) got over this week of allergy testing at my local hospital.

I've had some skin 'issues' for years now and have finally been referred for a week long allergy testing course. For this week at least I'm having to wear a very, VERY tight gym top to hold down the 50 sample patches attractively taped to my back. I am desperate to find out just what it is that I'm allergic to on Friday, although my current mantra is *Please don't let it be alcohol, please don't let it be alcohol... fingers crossed everyone!


daisychain said...

fingers crossed for your allergy tests! and forever 21 gives me the perfect excuse to pop to bham to see family :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your allergy tests - let's hope they're more useful than mine which declared that I was allergic to something commonly used in paper and printing inks! That would explain the ezcema on my hands then, and how exactly am I supposed to avoid it...... :-$ keep going with the hydrocortisone seems to be the best option!

sarahtp said...

no no no! the uk has so many more brilliant stores than north america: top shop, river island, miss selfridges, new look…

Anonymous said...

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TigerLily said...

Forever21 sure have lots of cute stuffs but in my country (Indonesia) their price are not the same as their store in US, it's a bit more pricey here compared to their US store. How about the ones in England (Birmingham?)