Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dreamy Home Office Inspiration

Vintage inspired accessories make boring stuff look fun!!

I love the idea of the inspiring pictures to gaze at when deep in thought...

And here, who needs pictures with a scenic window view

So organised! something I could only wish to be in my wildest dreams!

Gutted that I grew out of my home office a couple of years back. I WANT ONE OF THESE!!! *Stamps feet in childish tantrum scandal

If I had one of these, my work would be so much easier to do, I'd really enjoy going to work, I'd be happier and all in all it would be just lovely.

Unfortunately my office now holds 4 people and it would be hard to inflict my dreamy office looks on to them, especially the 2 men in the office, but you never know maybe I'll surprise them one day with an office makeover!. I REALLY JUST WANT ONE OF THESE!!!

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grumpyoldwoman said...

We wanted new office furniture and decor at work. We got the new carpet (but a nasty cheap one) and new desk (horrid thing - nothing like the one we asked for). But we got the walls painted in the colour we requested - eventually. If you think about it, we spend most of our waking day in our work environment, it should be comfortable.