Monday, 12 July 2010

Back by popular demand...

Outfit: Gold shoes and belt, brown and gold flecked trousers, animal print chiffon blouse, wooden heart necklace, pretty much ALL from New Look.

Well, I'm back, not so much by demand, just by one request really... from my mum and auntie... (holds sign up *hello mum and auntie!).

I'm not wearing anything new here, but there is something new in the picture, can you spot it?

I have no clue where this necklace is from, unbeknown to me, it has been lurking in my jewellery for some time!

No, it's not the necklace, cute as it maybe... that's just a decoy shot.

'Home Sweet Home' from the cute but camp 'Colin and Justin' range at Matalan.

five if you guessed the 'Home Sweet Home' ornament on my mantlepiece, fresh from the sale in Matalan for a fabulous £10.

Whilst there isn't often much 'sweet' about my home (it contains children), we can but dream!


Lisa said...

Welcome back!

Shopaholic said...

Thanks Lisa, gonna try and make it long term too!

grumpyoldwoman said...

about bl***dy time too!!

Anonymous said...

glad you are back,like the home sweet home ornament on your mantlepiece,very effective.

Shopaholic said...

Thanks Grumps and Anon... yay I'm still back!